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25 May
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Hello people! I am Sadie. I'm not very good with keeping journals but love to do so. I can write how I'm feeling so let's hope I can do this. I currently attend Long Island University as a Political Science Major and am trying to get involved with the school. And I'm back home in New York! It's cold here!!! AAAAH!!! I hate cold! It's good to be home though. Anyway you're tired of listening to my rambling right? Well if you're not, you can look at my journal for some more ramblings!

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8-bit theater, 80s cartoons, 80s music, ah! my goddess, animaniacs, anime, ariel, astrology, babies, baseball, bishoujo senshi sailor moon, blue, blue seed, bowling, bubble wrap, bubbles, card captor sakura, children, chobits, classic rock, clue, comedy, conventions, cosplay, costumes, cowboy bebop, crossword, dance dance revolution, daria, democrats, disney, disney's mgm studios, dna2, dual, duct tape, epcot, eurythmy, ever after, excel saga, family guy, fan art, fan fiction, final fantasy games, five iron frenzy, fushigi yugi, getting involved, ghost in the shell, gilbert and sullivan, glen brook, government, grand floridian, gundam wing, harry potter, holy goats, homestar runner, hugh jackman, illuminations, ireland, italy, japan, japanese food, japanese language, jim henson, jimmy buffet, journals, jpop, kare kano, laughing, legend of zelda, less than jake, llamas, long island, love hina, lunar, magic kingdom, manga, mechallama, mets, miyazaki films, money, monty python, muppets, musicals, mythology, nancy drew, neon genesis evangelion, new york, new york yankees, ninja turtles, nintendo, no doubt, nofx, nyc, old movies, operettas, otakon, outlaw star, peanuts, peg, period films, pink, pins, pirates of the carribbean, playing, politics, powerpuff girls, princess aurora, princesses, reading, reel big fish, rejected, revolutionary girl utena, rock, romance films, romance novels, rpgs, sailor mercury, sanrio, saved by the bell, school of rock, she-ra, sheeps, singing, ska, sleeping, snoopy, soft rock, softball, talking online, tapestry of nations, tarot, tea, teen girl squad, tenchi muyo, the beatles, the daily show, the matrix, the matrix reloaded, utada hikaru, victorian era, video games, volleyball, waldorf, walt disney world, wdwcp, wicca, will and grace, willy wonka, witches, writing

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